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I am a licensed mental health counselor, certified in EMDR to treat single-event and developmental trauma. I currently help adults struggling with PTSD, life stage transition, depression and anxiety, and addiction recovery. I am also a Dementia Cares Specialist, committed to helping those with dementia and their caregivers thrive during their difficult circumstances.
My graduate field work was within the entire spectrum of eldercare with a focus on dementia. I developed a unique blend of effective behavioral interventions and counseling techniques that help to sustain their identities against the erosive effects of their disease. I also counseled their caregivers, providing practical and emotional support to strengthen their coping mechanisms and harmonize their interactions with their person with dementia. I continue to work with caregivers and include them in my workshops titled From Chaos to Peace. Additionally, I train CNA staff of nursing homes as to the standards of best practice for behavioral interventions. My post-graduate supervised clinical work was with people who have chronic, severe mental illness, including schizophrenia, bipolar I, MDD, OCD, SSD, and substance abuse disorder, among others. I use art and music as therapy with groups to consolidate the value of 1:1 sessions, and vice-versa. I practice Brief Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, MindfulnessTherapy, and Existential Therapy grounded in kindness and emotional generosity.
My mission is to be of service to others. I work with the human psyche because I understand it and wish to see others live full and happy lives. I believe the secret to this lies in noticing what and how we are without making it wrong while still making necessary adjustments to optimize our wellbeing. Whether severely mentally ill, physically impaired or depressed and unhappy, the question of how to make the most of our circumstances always remains. I delight in helping people answer that question so they may become more whole, gracious and at peace with themselves.

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