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Mindfulness Therapy

Used in conjunction with other treatment modalities, Mindfulness Therapy is an invitation to dignity and grace. Its tools and practice is what allows us to expand that space between the stimuli of our lives and our reactions to them. When we allow ourselves the time to pause we can begin to identify the resistance we put up against our circumstances. It begins with the breath, which helps connect our thoughts to the awareness of our physical bodies. Breath grounds and anchors us to this moment, helping to extricate us from our narratives of stress and worry. These need to be honored, but they are not all of who you are. Mindfulness does not stop your feelings. Instead, it allows us to know them as they arise, to let them be and then decide how we want to respond to them.

The practice of mindfulness has endured for thousands of years because it works. In its relatively recent embrace of this time-honored wisdom, the West has begun to validate its efficacy in numerous empirical studies, showing practical applications and positive outcomes in most mental disorders. The beauty of mindfulness is that not only does it work, but the practice does not conflict with any of the major religions. Its beneficial effects are available to anyone.

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