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Anxiety and Life Transitions

Anxiety is fear about the future. Fear is a natural protective measure that stimulates our fight-flight-freeze response when in the face of danger. We humans are all hardwired for fear, which is a good and necessary thing; without it, we would be reckless and endanger our survival. Sometimes, though, fear oversteps its boundary, locks in and overwhelms, becoming a liability rather than an asset. This can exacerbate unhealthy resistance to change and the transitions of our lives, which are often unavoidable if not desirable. So, instead of committing fully to thriving as we transition from, say, student to professional, single adult to committed partner or parent, from married to divorced, or from employed to retired, we expend our energy anxiously resisting change. This is often exhausting and unproductive. Therapy will help you examine your resistance while supporting you as you decide on the concrete steps you can take to address your current problems. Therapy will help you soften the edge of anxiety and restore it to an appropriate measure so you can gain greater clarity.

Anxiety and Depression
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